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I am a computer science student with 2+ years of development experience in Android Platform. I’m Microsoft certified and have experience as a Product Manager for RevengeOS, an aftermarket Android operating system. I’m also a Co-Founder of an Android-related project, FlameGApps. I volunteer at my university to help organize workshops and events. I’m currently learning C# and web development. Besides that, I’m interested in film and music, I write blogs, and am a free speech advocate.


Hi, I’m Pratyaksh. I’ve been coding for 2+ years, into Android Platform twice that, and I’m a CS student for half that long. I’m currently in my sophomore year. I’m into film and music. I’m also a free speech advocate.

I’m a beginner in the field of cybersecurity, compliance and governance. I’m Microsoft certified in Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals. I’ve served as a Product Manager for the blazingly fast and elegant RevengeOS aftermarket Android operating system. I led a small and diverse team of amazing and talented developer folks who handcrafted and shipped RevengeOS version 4.1 to dozens of Android devices for tens of thousands of Android modders around the world. Our website, has been visited by well over 1 million people. I’m also a Co-Founder of another Android-related project called FlameGApps. I’ve also maintained a project called WinRice that aims to ease the process of setting up a brand-new Windows device.

In my college, I volunteer for GDSC (Google Developer Student Club) where I’m part of the organizing committee. I work directly with members of the core team (a.k.a. our leads) to organize workshops and events at our University. I’m also a core member of IIC (Institution’s Innovation Council), serving on the Project Team.

As of January 2023, I’m learning C# and frontend web development.


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